Financial Investigation Software: Follow the money

Financial investigations need to be fast, accurate, and comprehensive. Valid8 extracts and reconciles banking transactions from multiple sources creating a database of financial evidence for professionals. Transfers and matches are identified to automate data preparation, substantive testing procedures, and tracing the flow of funds. Interactive data visualization simplifies asset discovery and finding fraudulent transfers.


Oregon Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Division







Constangy Cyber - Our Mission

Companies operating in today’s economy, from global conglomerates to small businesses, must address the challenge of protecting large volumes of sensitive and business-critical data from complex and evolving cybersecurity threats that can cause significant harm. Unfortunately, given the growing sophistication of malicious cyber criminals, it is often a question of “when,” not “if,” a data security incident will occur. The Constangy Cyber Team collaborates with businesses to develop strategies to proactively reduce risks to data, comply with data privacy requirements, respond quickly to data security incidents by providing fully managed incident response services, and defend against any litigation and/or regulatory action following a data security incident.

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