This unique financial crimes conference will be held in Oregon. It brings together law enforcement investigators and prosecutors who handle financial crimes, and private-sector personnel who assist them in doing so, to learn how to apply the most recent techniques and technology to combat financial fraud.

 The conference is open to all city, county, state, and federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors; internal auditors and investigators for public agencies; fraud investigators and security officers for financial institutions; and other private-sector personnel who assist law enforcement in the investigation of financial crimes.  In addition to high quality training, this conference facilitates the formation of networks and fosters cooperation among fraud fighters.

 This conference is developed and delivered each year through the efforts of the Financial Crimes and Digital Evidence Foundation (FCDEF), an Oregon 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.  The board of the FCDEF is comprised of individuals from the fraud fighting community – state, local, and federal law enforcement, state agency fraud investigators, and fraud investigators with banking institutions.

 The FCDEF is pleased to continue to provide this opportunity for teamwork and training as we fight fraud and make our communities safer for our citizens.

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